Japanese female photographer

Born in Tokyo.

1990〜Belong to Panasonic.
1993 『覇王別姫-Farewell My Concubine』Press shoot.
1994 『金枝玉葉-He's a Woman, She's a Man〈張國榮,袁詠儀,劉嘉玲)』
Press shoot.

1995 『重慶森林-Chungking Express〈梁朝偉,金城武〉』Press shoot.

1996 『香港雑誌-號外〈堕落天使-Fallen Angels〉』Photogravure shoot.

1997 『春光乍洩-Happy Together〈Christopher Doyle〉』Press shoot.

1997 『上海雑誌-Shanghai Scope』Shoot.
        『China Collage〈北京,上海,蘇州,雲南〉』Serial publication.
1998〜2016 Now

          Active in a wide range of areas including advertising and publishing,
          Primarily in Kyoto.
          Nationally qualified photography specialist. 


Photo exhibition

2005『Balinese』Osaka Japan Egg Gallery
2007『The China I discovered 〈sponsored by Canon〉』Dalian China Century Castle
2007『The China I discovered 〈sponsored by Canon〉』

          Tokyo Japan Aoyama Spiral Garden



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